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Tue, Oct 12th 2021 12:32


The world of Arnathia is comprised of two large landmasses separated by a vast ocean. The first landmass features the Nine nations of Arnathia, while the other is lost to time, as no one has been able to approach it.   This second continent is NOT currently open to writing, but will be once some basic information has been fleshed out.   On the main Arnathian continent, Nine Nations have been established. (see additional post). These nations are spread across the Arnathian main continent. A new, more detailed and accurate map is being worked on. Due to a global treaty signed 1207 years prior to the world's current time, war is at an absolute minimum. But dark clouds are on the horizon. Borders had been challenged before, and will likely be challenged again. Most borders follow geographical features, but those that do not are ripe for conflict if the treaty is ignored.   The main continent has regions that go from arctic to desert, with everything in between. There are no magically defined or affected regions. There may be individuals or groups who have set temporary magic effects in place, such as a shield from weather, but these must be specifically temporary and require upkeep by the spell casters.
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