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datiga's WorldEmber 2021
120 of 23 prompts completed

datiga Progress Report

Ancient History

The character has learned the legends, lore, and history of some ancient time and place...

232 words

Animal Handling

Proficiency in this area enables a character to exercise a greater-than-normal degree of control over pack animals and beasts of burden...

247 words

Animal Training

Characters with this proficiency can train one type of creature (declared when the proficiency is chosen) to obey simple commands and perform tricks...

695 words


This proficiency is highly useful for thieves, as it allows characters to estimate the value and authenticity of antiques...

114 words


This character can make all of the types of armor listed in the Player's Handbook, given the proper materials and facilities...

4695 words

Artistic Ability

Player characters with artistic ability are naturally accomplished in various forms of the arts...

164 words


This proficiency gives the character some understanding of the supposed influences of the stars...

337 words


A character with blacksmithing proficiency is capable of making tools and implements from iron...

58 words


A character with blind-fighting is skilled at fighting in conditions of poor or no light (but this proficiency does not allow spell use)...

264 words


This character can make bows and arrows of the types given on Table 44, page 68 (of the Player's Handbook)...

462 words


The character is trained in the art of brewing beers and other strong drink...

84 words


The carpentry proficiency enables the character to do woodworking jobs...

65 words


A character with proficiency in this skill is able to safely guide a chariot...

78 words


Although all characters have rudimentary cooking skills, the character with this proficiency is an accomplished cook...

36 words

Direction Sense

A character with this proficiency has an innate sense of direction...

145 words


The character with this skill is trained in the art of disguise...

130 words


A character with endurance proficiency is able to perform continual strenuous physical activity for twice as long as a normal character...

96 words


The character is trained as a builder of both great and small things...

108 words


This proficiency gives the character a basic understanding of the proper forms of behavior and address required in many different situations...

149 words


A character with fire-building proficiency does not normally need a tinderbox to start a fire...

64 words


The character is skilled in the art of fishing, be it with hook and line, net, or spear...

151 words


This proficiency enables the character to create duplicates of documents and handwriting and to detect such forgeries created by others...

275 words


The character knows most common games of chance and skill, including cards, dice, bones. draughts. and chess...

143 words

Gem Cutting

A character with this proficiency can finish the rough gems that are discovered through mining at a rate of 1d10 stones day...

380 words

Healing {NWP}

A character proficient in healing knows how to use natural medicines and basic principles of first aid and doctoring...

1181 words


The knowledge of heraldry enables the character to identify the different crests and symbols that denote different persons and groups...

180 words


Those with herbalist knowledge can identify plants and fungus and prepare nonmagical potions...

93 words


When in wilderness settings, the character can attempt to stalk and bring down game...

175 words


The character can juggle, a talent useful for entertainments, diversions, and certain rare emergencies...

119 words


The character can attempt exceptional leaps both vertically and horizontally...

235 words

Languages, Ancient

The character has mastered a difficult and obscure tongue, now primarily found in the writings of pedantic sages and sorcerers.

97 words

Languages, Modern

The character has learned to speak a language of the known world...

2886 words


This proficiency enables a character to tan and treat leather and to make clothing and other leather objects...

36 words

Local History

The character is a storehouse of facts about the history of a region the size of a large county or a small province...

228 words


A character with mining proficiency is needed to site and supervise the operations of any mine...

298 words


A character with this proficiency can make difficult and dangerous climbs up steep slopes and cliffs with the aid of spikes, ropes, etc...

110 words

Musical Instrument

The character can play a specific musical instrument...

81 words


The character has learned the arts of navigating by the stars, studying currents, and watching for telltale signs of land, reefs, and hidden danger...

49 words


A character with this proficiency can create any type of clay vessel or container commonly used in the campaign world...

93 words

Reading Lips

The character can understand the speech of those he can see but not hear...

102 words


Characters with religion proficiency know the common beliefs and cults of their homeland and the major faiths of neighboring regions...

160 words

Riding, Airborne

The character is trained in handling a flying mount...

714 words

Riding, Land Based

Those skilled in land riding are proficient in the art of riding and handling horses or other types of ground mounts...

868 words

Rope Use

This proficiency enables a character to accomplish amazing feats with rope...

109 words


The character can move at twice his normal movement rate for a day...

90 words

Set Snares

The character can make simple snares and traps, primarily to catch small game...

315 words


Although this proficiency does not grant the character any spellcasting powers, it does give him familiarity with the different forms and rites of spellcasting...

149 words


A stonemason is able to build structures from stone so that they last many years...

124 words

Survival {NWP}

This proficiency must be applied to a specific environment--i.e., a specific type of terrain and weather factors...

323 words

Swimming {NWP}

A character with swimming proficiency knows how to swim and can move according to the rules given in the Swimming section...

55 words

Tightrope Walking

The character can attempt to walk narrow ropes or beams with greater than normal chances of success...

212 words


Characters with tracking proficiency are able to follow the trail of creatures and characters across most types of terrain...

1448 words


The character is practiced in all manner of acrobatics--dives, rolls, somersaults, handstands, flips, etc...

108 words


The character has learned the secrets of "throwing his voice."...

326 words


This highly specialized proficiency enables a character to perform the difficult and highly exacting work involved in making metal weapons, particularly those with blades...

1307 words

Weather Sense

This proficiency enables the character to make intelligent guesses about upcoming weather conditions...

181 words

Animal Lore

This proficiency enables a character to observe the actions or habitat of an animal and interpret what is going on...

435 words


The character has a knowledge of the basics of farming...

1043 words


A character with weaving proficiency is able to create garments, tapestries, and draperies from wool or cotton...

38 words


The character is familiar with boats and ships...

43 words


The character can read and write a modern language he can speak...

82 words


The character is an accomplished singer and can use this ability to entertain others and perhaps earn a small living...

47 words

First Level Spells

2424 words

Affect Normal Fires

This spell enables the wizard to cause nonmagical fires to reduce in size and brightness...

191 words


When an alarm spell is cast, the wizard causes a selected area to react to the presence of any creature larger than a normal rat...

231 words


By means of this spell, the wizard creates a magical field of force that serves as if it were scale mail armor (AC 6).

271 words

Audible Glamer

When the audible glamer spell is cast, the wizard causes a volume of sound to arise, at whatever distance he desires (within range)...

332 words

Burning Hands

When the wizard casts this spell, a jet of searing flame shoots from his fingertips.

181 words


Cantrips are minor spells studied by wizards during their apprenticeship, regardless of school.

7181 words

Change Self

This spell enables the wizard to alter the appearance of his form — including clothing and equipment — to appear one foot shorter or taller, thin, fat, or in between...

182 words

Charm Person

This spell affects any single person it is cast upon.

574 words

Chill Touch

When the caster completes this spell, a blue glow encompasses his hand.

184 words

Color Spray

Upon casting this the wizard causes a vivid, fan-shaped spray of clashing colors to spring forth from his hand.

220 words

Comprehend Languages

When this spell is cast, the wizard is able to understand the spoken words of a creature or read an otherwise incomprehensible written message...

261 words

Dancing Lights

When a dancing lights spell is cast, the wizard creates, at his option, from one to four lights that resemble either torches or lanterns...

175 words

Detect Magic {Wizard}

When the detect magic spell is cast, the wizard detects magical radiations in a path 10 feet wide and up to 60 feet long.

198 words

Detect Undead

This spell enables the caster to detect all undead creatures out to the range of the spell.

182 words


This spell causes instant growth of a creature or object, increasing both size and weight.

642 words


The erase spell removes writings of either magical or mundane nature from a scroll or from one to two pages of paper, parchment, or similar surfaces.

200 words

Feather Fall

When this spell is cast, the creature(s) or object(s) affected immediately assumes the mass of a piece of down.

257 words

Find Familiar

This spell enables the caster to attempt to summon a familiar to act as his aide and companion.

726 words


A friends spell causes the wizard to temporarily gain 2d4 points of Charisma.

187 words

Gaze Reflection

The gaze reflection spell creates a shimmering, mirror-like area of air before the wizard that moves with the caster.

171 words


A grease spell covers a material surface with a slippery layer of a fatty, greasy nature.

277 words

Hold Portal

This spell magically bars a door, gate, or valve of wood, metal, or stone.

155 words


The gestures of the wizard, along with his droning incantation, 1d6 creatures within the area to become susceptible to a suggestion...

194 words


When an identify spell is cast, magical items subsequently touched by the wizard can be identified.

510 words


The individual touched when this spell is cast is empowered to leap once per round for the duration of the spell.

154 words

Light {Wizard}

This spell creates a luminous glow, equal to torchlight, within a fixed radius of the spell's center.

303 words

Magic Missile

Use of the magic missile spell creates up to five missiles of magical energy that dart forth from the wizard's fingertip and unerringly strike their target.

256 words


This spell repairs small breaks or tears in objects.

242 words


When this spell is cast, the wizard can whisper messages and receive replies with little chance of being overheard.

221 words


By means of this spell, the caster conjures a normal animal to serve him as a mount.

289 words

Nystul's Magic Aura

By means oi this spell, any one item of no more than five pounds weight per level of the spellcaster can be given an aura that is noticed by someone using magic detection.

223 words

Phantasmal Force

This spell creates the illusion of any object, creature, or force...

208 words

Protection from Evil {Wizard}

When this spell is cast, it creates a magical barrier around the recipient at a distance of one foot.

370 words

Read Magic

By means of a read magic spell. the wizard is able to read magical inscriptions on objects—books, scrolls, weapons, and the like—that would otherwise be totally unintelligible.

199 words


When this spell is cast, an invisible barrier comes into being in front of the wizard.

165 words

Shocking Grasp

When the wizard casts this spell, he develops a powerful electrical charge that gives a jolt to the creature touched.

163 words


When a wizard casts a sleep spell, he causes a comatose slumber to come upon one or more creatures...

251 words

Spider Climb

A spider climb spell enables the recipient to climb and travel upon vertical surfaces as well as a giant spider, or even hang upside down from ceilings.

271 words


A spook spell enables the wizard to play upon natural fears to cause the target creature to perceive the spellcaster as someone or something inimical.

222 words


A taunt enables the caster to jape and jeer effectively at a single type of creature with an Intelligence of 2 or greater.

286 words

Tenser's Floating Disc

With this spell, the caster creates the slightly concave, circular plane of force known as Tenser's floating disc...

239 words

Unseen Servant

The unseen servant is a non-visible, mindless, and shapeless force, used to step and fetch, open unstuck doors, and hold chairs, as well as to clean and mend.

200 words


This spell enables the wizard to make his voice—or someone else's voice—or a similar sound seem to issue from someplace else...

182 words

Wall of Fog

By casting this spell, the wizard creates a billowing wall of misty vapors in any area within the spell range.

159 words

Wizard Mark

When this spell is cast, the wizard is able to inscribe, visibly or invisibly, his personal rune or mark, as well as up to six additional characters of smaller size.

307 words


2943 words


685 words


320 words


655 words


876 words

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