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Lyraine Alei's WorldEmber 2021
11 of 23 prompts completed

Lyraine Alei Progress Report

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive

The Contested Lands

(core) On the Soplas subcontinent, in the middle of the nations are the Contested Lands. A region torn by war yet still holding resources desired by outsiders.

1094 words

Gold Flood

(deep)An event where counterfeit gold coins were crafted from a copper alloy and flooded the markets of cities with coin until gold currency was worthless. Lead to Brass being the primary metal of choice for coinage.

927 words

Brass Coin

The currency of Soplas used after the previous gold/silver/copper-based economy was flooded with those metals or look-alike metals after the Great War.

1136 words

Silver Coins

1179 words

"Noodle Snoodle" Northern Geese

554 words

Life Forged

820 words

The Plane of Dreams

(core) A realm no one has any records of physically visiting, but believed to be a connected place where all mortals go in their dreams.

595 words

Lyraine Alei Progress so far

10018 words 100.18% completed!

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Name: Ashlee Alternative Names: A.G. (used on my artwork)

I'm mostly building Soplas, which is a Setting on the world of Corive, but I greatly enjoy "throwing spaghetti around to see what sticks on the walls," as I call it (I think I stole it from somewhere else?) to help not only other people with their ideas, but start moving things around in my own ideas again.

Premier League

Interests & Hobbies

World Building/Lore Crafting, Character designing or "Alternative Interpretations Of Characters, Please Stop Doing That Lyraine!"

Favorite Movies

Secondhand Lions

Favorite Books

Blinks Just one book? How about series?
Star Wars [Old Expanded Universe, RIP],
Theirs Is Not To Reason Why,
Redwall Series,

Favorite Writers

Issac Asimov, Tamora Pierce, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Anne McCaffery, Mercedes Lackey

Favorite Games

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (I and II: Sith Lords)
Final Fantasy IV, IX, XIV
World of Warcraft
The Elder Scrolls: III, IV, V
Magic: The Gathering
Dungeons and Dragons

Latest Loved work

Raine Alexander

Chromatic Dragonkin

TJ's WorldEmber 2022 Pledge

Temple of the Sea

Temple Graveyard

Sky Tentacle