Player Handbook in Fourteen Flames

Where you are

Fourteen Flames is located in and around the city of Valyria in the center of the Valyrian peninsula on the continent of Essos in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire by G.R.R.Martin.

Lore Primer

This timeline splits from canon after the conquering of Ghis. Names of characters have been changed to prevent any conflict/crossover. All events preceding the conquest of Ghiscari empire remain as canon and usable. However latitude is taken with origin stories and structure etc, basing it all on the literature given that is wholly open to perspective.   The Valyrian Freehold is in its prime. Rising high from the conquest of the Ghiscari empire, growing rich off of the use of slaves in their deep mines where gold, silver, precious metal and jewels are relentlessly extracted at the cost of hundreds of lives a day.   Not all Valyrians ride dragons, in fact only about forty families had used the magic of the blood mages to bind their blood to the dragons and tame them for their use. The remaining families have grown wealthy from military might and through merchant and naval endeavors. Integral to Valyrian society are the mages and sorcerers, their power and use of their arcane arts were pivotal in the building of the city and its colonies. The most powerful of those gravitating to the dragonlords who could provide protection and wealth to further their knowledge.   Valyria is the epicenter of the empire where all culture, trade and governance springs from. To that end, you find people from every corner of Essos visiting or living here in order to practice diplomacy, trade or to further themselves and their personal wealth.   At present, the main diplomatic delegation are the Rhoynish who seek to temper the growing tensions with the Valyrian expansion along the river Rhoyne.

This isn't Game of Thrones

There are many distinct differences between Westeros in the time after Aegon's Conquest and the age of Valyria at the height of its power, 800 years before the Doom. To get you ready to delve into the lore of the Empire we've listed a few key differences that are important to note.  
  • "Ser" as in addressing a knight, doesn't exist. Lady or Sir or Lord are acceptable.
  • There is no one faith, no one god.
  • The climate is hot, if you're stepping into a pool, expect it to be near scalding.
  • There are no maesters.
  • There is no word for bastard.
  • There are no ravens. (Use messengers or your mage can use the [glass candle] )
  • Dragons are a common sight.
  • There is no king, no queen, no throne.
  • Valyrians are xenophobic.
  • Magic is present and necessary for the sustaining of Valyria.
  • Human sacrifice is common.
  • No heraldry.
  • Allegiances and alliances are formed between families for mutual benefit. There is no swearing or oaths.
  • Not every family has an army to call on.
  • Braavos is presently unknown.
  • Myr, Pentos and Tyros are small military outposts.
  • Lys is a holiday destination. With less scrutinization over fraternization. What happens in Lys stays in Lys.
  • The Unsullied can be purchased in groups greater than 100 for your household/personal guard. (or other Slaves. Personal guards are always slaves.)
  • The color gold is worn only by dragonlords.

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