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The Cautionary Tale of the Dracoryan Family

As told by your grandmother:
Once one of the most powerful Dragonlord families in Valyria, the Dracoryan had nine full grown dragons of repute and 6 drakes under the yoke.
  The head of family, Vaserus, was not popular by any means, a known bully, arrogant, even for a Valyrian. His two sister wives seemed to tolerate him well enough, or so it was believed.
During a campaign that took him to the Ax, where he was gone for four months, one of his wives sought solace in his absence in the arms of another. Unfortunately for her she fell pregnant while he was away.   On return, the pregnancy was discovered, and knowing he'd not lain with her for months he was left with no recourse, so he announced to the council of his intention to unbind her from her dragon, Strakarius.
  She was then dragged to the Inaugrion by the family guards and set upon the Altar of Unbinding.
  Once the ceremony was concluded, Vaserus cast her out of the family and she wandered the city, an object of ridicule and scorn, before finally jumping to her death into the mouth of the volcano.
  When you unbind a dragon you unbind it from your family blood. What the Dracoryans did not know was that timing and preparation mattered significantly, and they were not quick or not able in either.
  Strakarius went wild, killing two other mature dragons, the six drakes of the Dracoryan family, two curators and it fled the city. In the aftermath, Vaserys was informed by the remainin curators that the clutch that Strakarius had laid were found to be petrified.   In a single day they lost a third of their dragon power and were slowly picked off and devoured by the other dragonlord families. By the 10th anniversary of the tragedy, the Dracoryan family were no more.
  Dracoryan is now synonymous with how quickly fortunes turn.

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Story Team Comment

  This is considered the most extreme case of what could happen when a dragon is forcibly unbound from its rider.
Minimum consequence is the dragon is wild and will be required to be bonded to a new rider ASAP.
The exact timings, where the dragon is, etc, is decided by your RP, dice rolls and the ST.


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