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Originating from a hundred different nations from throughout the conquered lands of Essos. Well spoken and gently born slaves are prized above all. They become tutors, scribes, healers, and those of Rh'llor are allowed to remain priests. Most are used for labor that is beneath that of Valyrian hands, some find their way to a good life in the fighting pits if they survive.


Unsullied are bought as guards for wealthy families. Mummers are purchased for various performances to entertain Valyrians. There are also concubines, bed-slaves, and whores in brothels. Slaves are always tattooed on the face, which prevents escape on the constant flow of ships. Such tattoos are often designed to reveal the slave's role. Escaped slaves and those deemed to be untrainable are sent to Gorgossos, a fate worse than death.


Do not be fooled, those listed above are the lucky ones, the vast majority of slaves die in the mines under the Fourteen Flames.

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The lowest. Captured after conquest from nearly any place in the known world. Of any culture or any race. Well spoken and gently born slaves are prized. They become tutors, scribes, bed slaves, healers, and priests.

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