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Influence rating matters when you submit an ST request that involves attempting to sway an NPC consul, a city or another family.
  The influence factor is then weighed against what you are trying to influence.

How Influence Factor is Calculated

Dragonlord families

# of Cites controlled + # of mines owned + Dragons + # of client families ÷ 4 = Influence Factor  

Noble families

# of Cites controlled + Wealth ( 1 point per 100,000 Gold coins) ÷ 2 = Influence Factor Or # of Cites controlled + Army strength (1 point per thousand) ÷ 2 = Influence Factor   All rolls are rounded down to the next whole number

Delegation Influence

When approaching a foreign delegation, you have no influence. Your influence factor therefor is 0. In order to increase your influence with an outside delegation you work toward that end with diplomacy/blackmail/intimidation. Once an agreement is made (and submitted to the Story Team), a "de-tent", you gain that delegations influence factor when dealing with other delegates of the same culture.

Example: You have an agreement with Ny Sar and Ar Noy, you have a Rhoynish IF of 3.5 and you're 2 factors higher than Sar Hoy.    
Example of an influence roll:
  Family with IF of 5 tries to influence family, consul or city with an Influence Factor of 3
5 - 3 = 2
+2 modifier on dice rolls for influence attempt

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