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Dragon Eggs

Aergyreon Family Dragon Eggs
  • Grey Egg with Magenta Flecks
  • Umber Egg with Tan and Gold Streaks
  • Purple Egg with Crimson Ripples
  • Crimson Egg with White Swirls
  • Cyan Egg and Blue Streaks
  • Emerald Egg with Navy Flecks
Calareon Family Dragon Eggs
  • Coral Egg with Lapis Swirls
  • Gold Egg with Ruby Streaks
  • Indigo Egg with Silver Ripples
  • Turquoise Egg with Pink Flecks
  • Silver Egg with Lapis Swirls
  • Navy Egg with Umber Ripples
  • Maroon Egg with Sapphire Flecks
  • Yellow Egg with Orange Streaks
  • Rose Egg and Emerald Ripples
Valcoran Family Dragon Eggs
  • Grey Egg with Indigo Swirls
  • Salmon Egg with Dark Green Flecks
  • Black Egg with Pink Streaks
  • Azure Egg with Sea Green Ripples
  • Cyan Egg with Goldenrod Swirls
  • Aquamarine Egg with White Flecks
  • Olive Egg with Chartreuse Streaks
  • Lavender Egg with Yellow Green Ripples
  • Royal Blue Egg with Grey Swirls
  • Goldenrod Egg with Khaki Flecks
  • Cream Egg with Orange Red Streaks
Targaryen Family Dragon Eggs
  • Steel Blue Egg with Powder Blue Ripples
  • Ivory Egg with Indigo Swirls
  • Brown Egg with Plum Flecks
  • Amethyst Egg with Sienna Streaks
  • Lime Egg with Yellow Ripples
Lysareon Family Dragon Eggs
  • Red Egg with Gold Swirls
  • Black Egg with Silver Flecks
  • Teal Egg with Amber Streaks
  • White Egg with Pink Ripples
  • Apricot Egg with Forest Green Swirls

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The most precious of their possessions

Curators are cherished, respected and obeyed.
  Each family has a staff of curators who keep and care for the eggs, hatchlings and drakes of the family.
  The curators have full authority, granted by the Head of Family, to control time spent within the stable by any family member.
  Curators protect the dragons from harm and also safeguard the youngest members of the families who are spending their time becoming familiar with the eggs and the hatchlings, on their way to earn their right to a chance to bond.
  The knowledge that a curator bestows upon a young potential rider is as priceless as the eggs they are in the charge of.
  Unsullied soldiers guard the stable and have orders to kill on the command of curators any who do not heed their instructions.

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