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Code of Conduct

  1. Fourteen Flames is a Second Life roleplay sim set in Valyria, the center of the Valyrian empire. The Player Code of Conduct provided is to be read, understood, and accepted by all applicants and approved players. Ignorance to the Player Code of Conduct is not an excuse or defense.
  3. You must be 18 years or older - Roleplay scenarios here may involve intense storylines, including violence, death, combat, sex, nudity, among other acts. Your right to fade to black will be respected and should be discussed with your scene partner. Fading to black does not protect your character from the In-Character Consequences (ICC) that may arise from what happened during that scene. It is expected that you play your character accordingly.- Be respectful to your fellow players - Given you must be over the age of 18 to write and play on Fourteen Flames, it is expected that you conduct yourself as an adult. Remain courteous with your fellow writers when things get a little heated. We are all here to write and create a collaborative story, and requires give and take. Respect the time and effort everyone puts into the sim.
  5. You agree to keep all forms of sexism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, racism, and other forms of discrimination and hate-speech strictly IC - The world in which we write may include these themes as we keep to the lore, however that does not reflect our OOC views and any form of discrimination or hate speech in an OOC fashion will not be tolerated. Most instances will result in a permanent ban, however staff reserves the right to review these on a case-by-case basis. We may not all know that you are simply joking with your friends you’ve come to write with by sharing edgy jokes, memes, or “hot take” topics, so to avoid situations of misunderstanding please limit these discussions to DMs among friends. In addition, you agree to use the appropriate pronouns/names for individuals who have requested specific usage, and to cease flirting and/or advances with those who’ve expressed they wish to be excluded from such scenarios. Deliberate misgendering, deadnaming, and/or sexual harassment will result in action taken from a warning up to and including a ban.
  7. You agree to not overshare your private life/personal opinions in public spaces - While many of us like to socialize with one another and are friends with each other, our primary reason for being here is to roleplay. Some players may have trauma or triggers of which you are not aware of which could be impacted. Others may simply be having a difficult day, dealing with health and/or mental issues. Be respectful and thoughtful of what you share in public spaces (in world groups or in Discord). If you are asked to edit, add a spoiler/trigger warning to something, or change the subject, please do so without hesitation. Those who wish to continue more in-depth can do so in DMs. This is not censorship, it is courtesy.
  9. Communicate - Communication is key. No one, be it player or staff, is a mind reader regardless of how hard we try. We do not know there is a problem until someone says something. If an issue arises, respectfully make it known. It is expected that players attempt to work out a dispute first with each other before coming to staff.- You agree to respect another player’s limits and right to fade to black - Story writing can lead to some darker material that you and/or your fellow players may take issue with. If your scene leads down a potentially difficult path, discuss your limits with those involved with the scene and respect a player’s need to fade to black when necessary. This also applies to scenes that are necessary however carry over too long to conclude in a timely fashion. RL always comes first. Note that fading to black is not a way to avoid potential ICC. Discuss what would happen in the scene, and continue your story reflecting the personal impact of it.
  11. You agree to uphold common roleplay etiquette - Common roleplay etiquette includes: no powergaming; no godmodding; no metagaming; being conscientious of post time, length, and order; no negative thought emotes. Etiquette concerns are expected to be discussed and resolved by the players when an issue arises. Should this method prove to be unsuccessful or it becomes abusive, you may report it via the ticket system with screenshots and/or logs provided so the appropriate team may handle it promptly.
  13. You must be an approved character prior to play - Unless otherwise stated, an application must first be submitted and approved before play can begin. In the application process you may reach out to other players or applicants to create backstories and create ideas, however any roleplay in our timeline prior to approval will not be considered as part of canon.- You agree to share the story - We are all here to play a character, and it is understandable that we all want that bit of limelight, however, as stated above: This is collaborative writing. “Main Character Syndrome” occurs when someone believes that the focus of the roleplay at large and in a majority of scenarios is about them and makes it solely about them. Share the spotlight, include people with your story and be willing to be involved with everyone else’s.
  15. You agree to appreciate in-character interactions for what they are - There are times when the roleplay may not go as expected. What may be seen as setbacks, backstabbing, IC unfairness, and failure are often the first steps of story hooks and character development opportunities. This is what makes “roleplay” roleplay and not “goalplay”. Appreciate the challenge for the various avenues they may bring.
  17. Avatars must be realistic - From an appearance standpoint, approved avatars must look realistic to their approved character background as well as for the setting. This means if your character is in their 50s, they should not look like a young adult, and vice versa. Visual realism also calls for your avatars to be human. No elf ears, wings, animal parts, anime heads, etc. This can also include how your character is written. While your 20 year old character is a studious one, unless there is support via approved backstory or canon roleplay they would not carry the same sort of wisdom as the character that is 45. Play true to your character and the setting.
  19. No child avatars - This is an adult rated sim, child avatars are strictly forbidden. If any staff member approaches and asks you to change your avatar you are expected to comply. This is not to be nitpicky as it is understood that making avatars does cost money, however it is a safety concern. If you have to question it, it probably needs to be updated. Ask for help if you need to make changes to your appearance.
  21. Be mindful of script usage and complexity - No one likes a laggy sim. Complexity and script usage are two of the largest contributors to latency. Please if possible delete said scripts from items or remove the item. This can be helpful in large group RP settings and may improve lag for you and your fellow writers.
  23. Treat staff with respect at all times - Members of staff are here on a volunteer basis and are players on sim first and foremost. Remain respectful when interacting with them in an OOC official manner, as they are here to help the sim as a whole run smoothly. This includes being respectful of their time while they may be crafting stories for themselves and the sim.- Use the Ticket System for support
  25. Support is completed through the Discord in the ticket channel. Use of this system is vital to ensure that needs and concerns are addressed by the appropriate party and seen by all. Sending a direct message to a staff member can and most likely will cause delays in handling issues requiring support. A member of the appropriate team will be in contact with you through the opened ticket and will work with you there.
  27. You agree that staff rulings are final - Staff at Fourteen Flames act as a team and are in constant OOC communication with each other for the smoothness of running the sim. If you disagree with a decision made by staff, expect that this decision was agreed upon by staff as a whole. “Admin/Staff shopping” is considered harassment and will not be tolerated. You are also expected to refrain from gossiping and creating a ‘witch-hunt’ to locate reporters when a judgment call is made. Harassment is a bannable offense.
  29. Rerolling - We have given this much thought and the ease of which people have rerolled in the past makes story continuity almost impossible. To that end if you choose to rerole there will be a mandatory 4 week wait before you can reapply. Of course death of your character is not included in this. We know that extenuating circumstances happen and these will be taken on a case by case basis.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Code of Conduct. This by no means encompasses every eventuality, however we are all adults. Communication is always the key to de-escalating a situation. The rules listed above are subject to change without warning, however with notice given upon revision.

  Happy Writing, Fourteen Flames Staff

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